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Managed Print Services (MPS)
It has been noticed that the computerized equipment solutions does not always meet a company's demands. This is basically due to the fact that it has been purchased randomly and probably under pressure to cover a temporary need. Moreover, the wrong use of a computerized equipment system, usually due to lack of formation can increase its operational cost to a certain level. Adding the costs related to maintenance of a printer/computerized equipment the total cost can reach 80% of the aggregate operational costs while the cost of purchase represents only 20% of this cost The appropriate use of a company's printers allows the accurate calculation and reduction of operational costs. Specifically, the managed print services proposed by ACTIVE in collaboration with HP can lead to a reduction of the operational costs up to 30%.

ACTIVE COMPUTER SYSTEMS, being once again innovative in the field of Managed Print Services has established a new direct client support service for MPS contracts. Specifically, a vehicle, designed by SORTIMO Germany, moves around attica region equipped with all necessary consumables thus achieving direct client service and full coverage of clients' needs.

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